Woman travels from Delhi to Bihar, gets Rs 1 lakh international roaming bill from Airtel

In a surprising and concerning incident, Neha Sinha, a Delhi-based author, experienced a shocking ordeal during her trip to Valmiki Nagar, a border area in Bihar.

She was presented with an international roaming bill exceeding Rs 1 lakh by Airtel, despite staying within Indian territory.

This unexpected charge led to the abrupt disconnection of her mobile services, leaving her stranded and highlighting significant safety concerns, particularly for women in remote areas.

Sinha took to X to express her frustration and disbelief at receiving such a bill while still in India. Her situation was further aggravated when Airtel's customer service informed her that nothing could be done as the system had logged the charges.

The company also demanded an additional payment of Rs 1,792 to restore her SIM services.

“A terrible scam! I'm in Valmiki Nagar, Bihar. Airtel India sends me a roaming bill of Rs 1L+,” she tweeted. “I’m an Indian citizen on Indian soil. With no outstanding bill, Airtel cuts my services. Leaving me stranded!” she added.

Responding to this, Airtel customer care handle, in a tweet, replied, “Accept our apologies for the hassle, Neha. Kindly share your respective Airtel number via DM so that we can quickly look into this."