Zomato launches PicNic AI for restaurant partners; Know how it works

Food delivery company Zomato has unveiled "PicNic AI" (Picture Nicely AI), a tool designed to transform the visual presentation of food images on its platform.

With this, The company aims to assist restaurant partners in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their dishes, recognizing the critical role of high-quality visuals in influencing consumer choices.

PicNic AI leverages the advanced stable diffusion AI model, particularly its InPainting variant, to seamlessly integrate original dishes into an enhanced background.

This method not only maintains the authenticity of the dish but also transforms ordinary images into professional, studio-grade visuals. The tool is a part of Zomato's aims to revolutionize the gastronomic landscape by merging cutting-edge technology with culinary presentation.

Zomato said it receives over 10,000 food photos, many of which are taken with mobile phones and vary in quality.

PicNic AI addresses this challenge by enabling restaurant partners to capture professional-quality photos without needing high-end photography skills or equipment.

How it works?

The process begins with restaurant partners uploading original images, which are then analyzed by Zomato's Segmentation AI Model. The model differentiates the food from the background, with text prompts guiding Stable Diffusion to achieve the desired aesthetics.

Besides background generation, It also adjusts colour balance, fixes zoom inconsistencies and upscale images to higher resolutions.