Advait Infratech partners with GuoFu Hydrogen Energy Equipment to drive green hydrogen technology advancements in India

Advait Infratech has partnered with China's GuoFu Hydrogen Energy Equipment Co, Ltd. to focus on meeting the demand for green hydrogen technologies and projects in the Indian market.

The partnership will involve the exchange of technology and expertise, allowing the companies to assemble and manufacture products tailored for the Indian market

Advait Infratech offers comprehensive solutions and products in power transmission, substation, and telecommunication infrastructure, and recently ventured into the green and renewable energy sector.

GuoFu Hydrogen Energy Equipment specializes in a range of products, including Electrolyzers, Fuel Cells, Dispensers, Cylinders, and Storage Tanks.

Advait recently launched Greenergy Private Limited, a subsidiary focused on making green energy accessible and affordable in the Indian market.