Amazon launches DSP 2.0 to help aspiring entrepreneurs start delivery business

E-commerce behemoth Amazon today announced that it is launching the next phase of its Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program in India with an aim to assists prospective entrepreneurs in developing and launching their own delivery services, even if they have little or no prior delivery expertise.

With this, the new entrepreneurs can establish their firms with reduced initial costs and will require a low working capital that will help them operate their business seamlessly, the company said in a statement.

Amazon’s more than 20 years of operational experience, technology, and a suite of exclusively negotiated services and assets are available to these new small company owners, ensuring that Amazon goods are delivered securely and successfully, the company adds.

The company has already onboarded more than 40 new DSPs as part of the program, which will provide more opportunities for entrepreneurs in the future. According to the company, the newest release of the DSP program is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Netherlands, and India, allowing small firms to create thousands of jobs.

“The new offering will serve as an incubator and enable rapid growth opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the logistics sector,” said Akhil Saxena, vice president, Customer Fulfilment, APAC, MENA, and LATAM, Amazon. “They will, in turn, be able to create additional job opportunities and a great working environment for their associates while building a strong foundation for their own entrepreneurial journey,” he adds.

“We’re incredibly proud of the hundreds of small business owners growing and benefiting from the Delivery Service Partner program,” said Saxena. “With the program’s growth, we have innovated to enhance the experience for our DSPs and their associates.”

So far, the Ecommerce giant has invested over $1 billion in technology since launching its DSP program, including new special tools for DSPs. 2,500 small logistics companies have thrived as a result of this investment, creating tens of thousands of employment for delivery associates all around the world.

According to Saxena, the DSP program has not only helped Amazon give growth opportunities for SMBs but has also allowed it to reach India’s hinterlands. In India, more than 300 entrepreneurs manage 1,500 DSP stations in 750 cities and towns, providing employment to tens of thousands of people. Amazon India’s last-mile network and reach will be bolstered with the debut of this service.

“What it has helped us do is that it has helped us in taking customer orders and fulfilling them in some of the most remote and difficult parts of the country,” said Saxena. “These include Leh, northeast towns, and Kodagu in Karnataka. It is an opportunity for these entrepreneurs across the country to partner with Amazon, and grow themselves along with us.”

Thus, according to Saxena, the DSP 2.0 program has allowed the company to welcome and join a new set of entrepreneurs while also assisting them in the development of their own logistics businesses.

“When they build their own businesses and their own companies, what we do is add (a host of) value-added services,” said Saxena. “Amazon has a very large size and scale. We are able to negotiate and provide great rates and prices for assets and services which these entrepreneurs can avail like vehicle cost, insurance, and payroll,” he said.

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