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'Buy him new shoes', Sonu Sood defends Swiggy delivery boy who stole Nike shoes

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Sonu Sood Swiggy Delivery Boy

Bollywood actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood has defended a Swiggy delivery boy who stole a pair of branded shoes from a customer's house in Gurugram.

For those unaware, Recently, a video went viral on X, showing what's claimed to be CCTV footage of a Swiggy Instamart delivery person nabbing shoes right from the customer's doorstep. 

An X user named Rohit Arora shared an incident that occurred at a flat in Gurugram on April 9, 2024, stating, "Swiggy's drop and PICK up service. A delivery boy just took my friend's shoes (Nike), and they won't even share his contact."

In response to the viral video, which has received over 800,000 views, Swiggy wrote, "Hey Rohit, we expect better from our delivery partners. Do meet us on DM, so we can assist you better. - Nish."


Watch the video below:

Sonu Sood's reaction

"If Swiggy’s delivery boy stole a pair of shoes while delivering food at someone’s house, don’t take any action against him. In fact, buy him a new pair of shoes. He might be really in need. Be kind," Sood wrote on X.

Netizens reaction

However, not everyone agreed with Sonu Sood's approach. Some users argue that stealing is wrong regardless of the circumstances. 

"Asking for no action is still okay, but don't justify it by giving nonsensical arguments. Poverty/Need is no justification for stealing. There are millions of people, poorer than this delivery guy, who work hard and earn their livelihood. They don't steal. Justifying stealing is an insult to their hustle," a user wrote.

Another user took a critical stance, writing, "If a chain snatcher steals your gold chain, then don't take action against him in fact, buy him a new gold chain. He might be really in need. Be kind."