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Check Point to acquire Atmosec, an Innovative SaaS Security Vendor

According to the company's statement, the acquisition is expected to close by mid-September 2023.

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Atmosec Founders

Atmosec Founders

Israel-based Check Point Software Technologies has acquired an early-stage startup, Atmosec, for an undisclosed sum to enhance its SaaS security offering and address the security gaps and blind spots in SaaS applications.

The development comes less than a month after Check Point acquired Israel’s Perimeter 81 for $490 million, the second-most it has ever paid for a company.

According to the company's statement, the acquisition is expected to close by mid-September 2023.

What does Atmosec do?


Founded in January 2021 by Aner Gelman, Misha Seltzer, and Shaked Gitelman, Atmosec is an early-stage startup that specialises in the rapid discovery and disconnection of malicious SaaS applications, preventing risky 3rd party SaaS communications and rectifying SaaS misconfigurations. 

The widespread adoption of SaaS applications has exposed organisations to increased cyber threats. Statista reports an average use of 130 SaaS applications by organisations. Yet, Atmosec's research reveals that there are approximately 700 additional SaaS applications in use without IT's knowledge. 

Moreover, hundreds of third-party apps are connected within famous enterprise SaaS platforms like O365 and Slack. This ever-expanding SaaS landscape increases the potential attack surface and introduces many apps that could be harmful or misused to leak sensitive information, often bypassing proper IT authorisation.

The offerings that made Check Point acquire Atmosec

The startup specializes in quickly identifying and disconnecting malicious SaaS applications, often completing this process in under 10 minutes.

Atmosec prevents unauthorized third-party SaaS applications from interacting with a company's existing SaaS environment, providing comprehensive visibility into both authorized and unauthorized applications.

Furthermore, It is skilled at rectifying misconfigurations in SaaS applications, such as addressing publicly exposed repositories, which is crucial in preventing potential data breaches. Additionally, they enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure secure access to applications, enhancing the overall security posture of the enterprise.

The benefit to Check Point with this acquisition

With Atmosec’s technology, Check Point Infinity will offer SaaS security with continuous SaaS posture management, prevention of malicious communications (SSPM), and a full security stack for SaaS apps, including threat prevention, data protection, and adaptative zero-trust access controls for both users and devices (CASB).

The company plans to add new capabilities based on roadmap milestones, enabling organisations to utilise these critical enhancements from the same Check Point Infinity platform they already use.

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