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ConveGenius builds SwiftChat conversational AI platform on AWS

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Cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) India said that an Indian edtech startup ConveGenius has built SwiftChat, a conversational AI chatbot platform built on AWS.

SwiftChat is a platform that is designed for government and low-fee private schools, aiming to enhance learning outcomes for K-12 students across India.

SwiftChat aims to deliver personalised learning

SwiftChat is a revolutionary platform, utilizing over 53 conversational AI chatbots to deliver personalized learning content in 13 regional languages, reaching over 100 million students.


It holds 124 million student profiles across 19 million devices, allowing government schools to create omnichannel chatbots to deliver personalized learning, like curated videos and read-along content, through a single AI-enabled chatbot conversation.

In alignment with India’s National Curriculum Framework for School Education 2023, which emphasizes personalized learning, SwiftChat delivers personalized learning content and offers teacher training and data-driven decision-making for school administrators.

It enables the observation and fulfilment of schools’ resource requirements, ensuring a balanced teacher-to-student ratio.

“SwiftChat empowers millions of students and teachers with personalized learning and data-driven insights, and we have been able to scale to more than 100 million students and achieve cost savings of 45% by leveraging cloud services from AWS,” said Jairaj Bhattacharya, co-founder and CEO of ConveGenius.

“The chatbot platform is a game-changer for India’s education sector, offering personalized information and resources in multiple languages, enhancing teacher training, and enabling efficient resource allocation in schools. With AWS, we have rapidly built, scaled, and secured our solution to make learning more effective across India, and we look forward to building on AWS as we leverage exciting technologies such as generative AI to deliver more value to students.”

ConveGenius assisting Vidya Samiksha Kendra (VSK)

ConveGenius, with the support of AWS, is assisting state governments in India to implement Vidya Samiksha Kendra (VSK), a centralized system at the state level to monitor student enrollment, participation, and learning progress. VSK supports 9.5 million teachers at 1.5 million government-run schools across India, providing access to study materials and has been deployed in 14 states across India.

The platform provides data-driven insights

SwiftChat captures various data points from schools, providing insights around students’ learning gaps and effectiveness in areas like reading, comprehension, and arithmetic skills.

This enables improvements in education at the school, block, and district levels. The migration of the SwiftChat platform to AWS in 2021 allowed for a 154-fold growth in its user base and a 45% saving in IT infrastructure costs.

ConveGenius utilizes AWS security services like AWS Shield Advanced, AWS WAF, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS Security Hub, ensuring the compliant and secure running of the company’s educational offerings while keeping student and school data secure.

“India’s education sector is embracing innovations that provide a dynamic and personalized learning experience for every student. Cloud technologies, including the latest AI and data analytics tools, are breaking down the barriers of traditional classrooms and opening up a world of possibilities for collaborative learning,” said Pankaj Gupta, Leader – Public Sector (Government, Education, Healthcare), AWS India Private Limited. 

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