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Crypto firm ZebPay launches CryptoPacks for investors

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ZebPay, India’s oldest crypto asset exchange, has announced the launch of CryptoPacks to allow crypto enthusiasts to invest in well-balanced, thematic portfolios of crypto assets effortlessly.

Zebpay said that the portfolios are meticulously designed to allow investors to take a sectoral approach to investing.

The BlockBuster Pack, for example, gives investors exposure to a diversified curation of leading crypto assets with high global adoption and overall market cap. The Metaverse or Layer 1 Packs, on the other hand, allow users to invest in the long-term potential of leading projects with specific blockchain use cases. 

The crypto firm said that users can access the CryptoPacks feature directly through its mobile and web applications. 


CryptoPacks presents a multiplicity of elements, such as a comprehensive performance overview, that will allow users to monitor their portfolio's historical progress over varying timeframes.

Additionally, its innovative Risk and Reward Rating system will provide insightful perspectives on investment risks and potential rewards, empowering well-informed decisions in line with their risk appetite.

Founded in 2014, ZebPay claims that CryptoPacks ensure strategic risk management and optimized returns by facilitating diversified allocation across multiple crypto assets in a single step. The feature also offers users a simplified, real-time view of profits and losses, enabling quick comprehension of investment growth trajectory and data-driven decisions on buying, selling, and holding assets, it said.

Rahul Pagidipati, CEO of ZebPay, said, “ZebPay remains committed to empowering users with innovative solutions that simplify crypto investing. With the introduction of CryptoPacks, we are proud to offer a seamless way to make informed investment decisions by providing access to thematic, diversified portfolios and effective performance tracking. At ZebPay, we understand the intricacies of crypto investments, and the introduction of the CryptoPacks feature is a significant step in our ongoing journey to make crypto investments more accessible to investors across all experience levels."

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