India's GamesKraft suspends operations of Gamezy amid tax tensions

GamesKraft, a Bengaluru-based gaming firm, has suspended its fantasy offering, Gamezy Fantasy, and is restructuring its Gamezy super app

The company is urging users to transition to separate, standalone apps - RummyPrime and Ludo Culture

This decision is a result of current industry trends and internal analyses, which highlighted the necessity for "deep category-specific experiences" for players

Recently, the Supreme Court stayed an order from the Karnataka High Court that nullified a staggering Rs 21,000 Cr tax evasion notice served to GamesKraft by the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI)

The DGGI had accused GamesKraft of failing to pay Rs 21,000 crore in GST, marking the largest claim of its kind in the history of indirect taxation