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Indian Angels closes Season 1 with 6.5 crore of investment with 13 startups

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Indian Angels

In mid-October 2023, Pune-based Digikore Studios announced the launch of 'Indian Angels', which it claims to be the world's first angel investment show. The show was streamed on Mukesh Ambani's OTT platform JioCinema

The show, which also enabled viewers to participate in the investment process along with a panel of seasoned angel investors, has concluded its first season with a remarkable achievement.

The investment journey

In the final episodes of the season, viewers witnessed the pitches of six startups. Episode 7 saw Bare Wear, iYatraa Holidays, and TriGo Electric presenting their ideas. TriGo Electric, a company driving India's green logistics revolution with electric vehicles, secured an investment of Rs 40 lakhs for 5.33% equity.


Episode 8 featured Habbits, Priyam Online, and Estoqi. Habbits, a digital-first oral beauty company, stood out by receiving Rs 30 lakhs for 15% equity, with the possibility of an additional 20 lakhs in debt.

The distinct panel of angel investors

The show featured a distinguished panel of investors, including Ajinkya Firodia of Kinetic Group, Ankit Agrawal of InsuranceDekho, Aparna Thyagarajan of Shobitam, Kunal Kishore of Value 360, Rikant Pittie of EaseMyTrip, and Shreedha Singh of T.A.C – The Ayurveda Co. These investors provided not just funding but also valuable insights and guidance to the pitching entrepreneurs.

About the pitchers

  1. Bare Wear: This brand focuses on enhancing women's confidence and self-expression. They offer products like body tapes and nipple pasties, designed to provide comfort and support. Bare Wear aims to enable women to wear any outfit confidently, combining style with quality in their range.

  2. iYaatra Holidays: Specializing in travel, iYaatra Holidays offers holiday packages that are value-driven and transparent, with no hidden costs. They emphasize affordable yet quality accommodations, extending their services to a variety of travel experiences, including hotels, cruises, and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) both in India and abroad.

  3. TriGo Electric: Operating in the green logistics sector, TriGo Electric uses electric vehicles (EVs) for emission-free delivery services. Originating from IIM-L's Enterprise Incubation Centre, they focus on reducing carbon footprints in last-mile deliveries. Their services include the delivery of groceries, medicines, and more, aiming to be a reliable name in India's Last Mile Sector.

  4. Habbits: As a digital-first oral beauty company, Habbits brings innovative products to the oral health market. The startup's approach combines modern and ethical considerations, with a commitment to improving oral health routines. Their products are expert-endorsed and aim to foster a connection with consumers.

  5. Priyam Online: This startup addresses environmental concerns by converting organic waste into high-quality organic fertilizers. Using composting and vermicomposting methods, they create products that are beneficial for both the environment and farmers, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to fertilizer production.

  6. Estoqi: Estoqi has developed a water ionizer system, manufactured in India, that turns regular water into alkaline, ionized water. Recognized for its health benefits, particularly its alkaline properties, this system is both affordable and low maintenance, bringing the advantages of alkaline water to a broader audience.

The Impact of Indian Angels 

Indian Angels has provided a platform for startups to secure funding and democratise the investment process. It offered a learning opportunity for viewers interested in startup investments, breaking down barriers due to limited knowledge or access. 

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