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Indian Bank partners with IBM to enhance scalability and agility

ISN Webteam
04 Sep 2023
IBM partners with Indian Bank

IBM partners with Indian Bank

Technology company IBM has partnered with the Indian Bank, an Indian public sector bank, to deploy new front-end banking applications while addressing the business growth of the bank's Core Banking Solution (CBS) workloads.


IBM said to meet the Indian Bank’s digital infrastructure needs, The company proposed a hybrid cloud approach for all AIX workloads to boost agility and introduced a combination of Capex and Opex models for the consumption of compute resources. 

Indian Bank is one of the leading public sector banks in India, serving over 100 million customers with 5798 branches spread across the country and abroad.

"This provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and aims to deliver various capabilities such as additional compute and storage, build a private cloud using the available resources, create a single pool of processors across DC and DR and enable services equivalent to a pay-as-you-grow model, the company said in a release.


“As part of our capacity management initiative and to manage evolving application requirements, we wanted a cloud-like functionality within our own data centre. With benefits like better flexibility, lower costs and enhanced security, we are creating a value-oriented solution by setting up a proactive and service-oriented model for the bank,” said Deepak Sarda, Chief General Manager – IT and Partnership, Indian Bank.

"With the proposed private cloud solution, we aim to achieve better agility, scalability and security to meet our growth requirements and adopt a consumption-based IT solution that is required in today’s dynamic, hyper-competitive market," Deepak said.

Indian Bank said it is enhancing the security and efficiency of its private cloud and is utilizing IBM PowerSC to strengthen support for compliance audits on all AIX endpoints.

Moreover, the bank has implemented IBM PowerVC to streamline the management of virtualization, cloud setups, workload image handling, and to optimize resources dynamically on IBM AIX servers, the release said.

The bank added that it has introduced Power Enterprise Pools, which allows it to merge computing resources at their data center (DC) and disaster recovery (DR) sites. 

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