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NODWIN Gaming appoints former TEC co-founder Ishaan Arya as Vice President of Sales & Partnerships

Sumit Vishwakarma
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NODWIN Gaming appoints former TEC co-founder Ishaan Arya

Ishaan Arya, Vice President of Sales & Partnerships, NODWIN Gaming

NODWIN Gaming, a South Asian gaming and esports company, has appointed Ishaan Arya as Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.

Arya, an esports veteran, co-founded The Esports Club (TEC) and has over a decade of experience in the industry.

He has been instrumental in organizing major gaming and esports events in India, including The Arena, and has expanded TEC's reach into the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

What will Arya's role entail at NODWIN Gaming?


In his new role at NODWIN Gaming, Arya will focus on enhancing the value of the company’s existing intellectual properties (IPs), such as BGMS, DreamHack India, NODWIN India Premiership, Valorant Challengers South Asia, and Comic Con India.

He will work on increasing global audience engagement for these IPs, developing new brand partnerships, and innovating new IPs to drive growth in the gaming, esports, and lifestyle segments. 

“I am excited to join NODWIN Gaming to contribute to their massive roster of global gaming, esports, and lifestyle events. As one of the top new-age sports media organizations in the world, NODWIN Gaming’s visionary approach and global roadmap have always been top-notch. Alongside a fantastic team, I am eager to utilize my expertise in large-scale gaming events and publisher partnerships to elevate the company to new heights,” Arya stated.

What experience does Arya bring to the table?

Arya brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles. At TEC, his leadership not only propelled the company to new heights but also facilitated its expansion beyond India.

He has worked with industry giants such as NVIDIA, Intel, LG, Lenovo, Dell, JBL, and Amazon, which will be beneficial for NODWIN Gaming as they drive innovation and progress in the gaming and esports sector.

What did NODWIN Gaming's MD say?

NODWIN Gaming's Co-Founder and Managing Director, Akshat Rathee, expressed enthusiasm about Arya's appointment. “At NODWIN, we pride ourselves in encouraging our leaders to take ownership in various aspects of the business. As a founder himself, Ishaan not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience but will also drive innovation and growth across key verticals of our gaming and entertainment segments,” Rathee said.

The development comes nearly six months after NODWIN Gaming acquired Comic Con India and secured a 51% stake in the Singapore-based media company Branded.