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Oracle unveils Generative AI services to revolutionize healthcare experience

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US-based technology company Oracle has announced the launch of new generative AI services that will be integrated with Oracle's existing electronic health record (EHR) solutions. 

Oracle said the integration will enhance the healthcare experience for both providers and patients, fostering a more personalized and efficient approach to healthcare management.

How will it benefit healthcare providers?

Oracle said the Clinical Digital Assistant will help healthcare providers harness the capabilities of generative AI, coupled with voice command functionalities. 


This will reduce the manual workload for healthcare providers, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate more on patient care. Furthermore, it facilitates patients in executing self-service actions such as scheduling appointments or accessing clinical information effortlessly through simple voice commands, the release notes.

In recent times, while EHRs have been instrumental in minimizing errors and fostering a seamless continuum of care, they have also inadvertently led to patients feeling somewhat disconnected during appointments, as providers often need to focus on screens to input or retrieve information.

The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant seeks to bridge this gap, enabling physicians to fully engage with patients while simplifying administrative tasks considerably.

Oracle said the digital assistant, equipped with multimodal voice and screen-based functionalities, can actively participate in appointments, automating note-taking and suggesting context-aware subsequent actions like ordering medications or scheduling lab tests and follow-up appointments.

The integration will help in fostering better interaction with patients

According to Suhas Uliyar, the senior vice president of product management at Oracle Health, The integration of generative AI and voice-first capabilities into EHR platforms will foster better interactions with patients, enhancing trust and loyalty and ultimately leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Furthermore, the Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant is built upon the well-established Oracle Digital Assistant platform, which is currently utilized by thousands of organizations across various sectors to perform critical tasks. This platform is also extending its capabilities to allow patients more control over their healthcare management.

It enables patients to execute a range of self-service actions, from scheduling appointments using voice commands to obtaining AI-driven answers to their medical queries.

Additionally, healthcare providers can enhance patient retention and engagement by delivering vital information through web chats embedded in secure patient portals, thereby minimizing revenue loss due to issues like missed appointments.

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