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'Pay for our losses': Why Indian traders are angry with Groww

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So far, Zerodha has been in the limelight for so-called technical glitches. However, now Groww has also joined the fray.

On January 23, a day after the Ram Mandir inauguration, multiple users of Groww took to X to highlight that the app was experiencing multiple issues while they were attempting to log in for intraday trading.

Earlier in November last year, thousands of Zerodha users experienced difficulties in viewing their executed orders, holdings, and fund pages on Kite, Zerodha's trading platform. Well, the issue was not uncommon for Zerodha, as similar problems had occurred on October 31, when users were unable to execute or exit orders.


Netizens express anger and frustration

"Today, my Groww app is not open since the market opened, my watchlist was not open two days ago, my open positions are about to expire, who will pay my losses," a user wrote on X.

"Hey Groww, pay for their losses. It might be your well-planned move. Absolutely pathetic," another user wrote.

Pay for our losses. Let's file a legal complaint and sue these idiots. It might be a well planned move. Absolutely pathetic. It's close to 1 hr now. These idiots shudnt be left. They should pay for our loss. Will delete it and shift. Rate them on play store right now.

Groww's response to technical glitch

As the app faced a barrage of complaints, the team at Groww responded to one of the many tweets about the outage.

"Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is addressing a technical issue and working to resolve it promptly. Your patience is highly appreciated, and we'll be back to normal operations shortly. Thank you for your understanding. Team Groww."

On January 22, Groww issued a warning to its users about a fake Groww support handle on Twitter and advised them to contact and tag only the official Groww account, which is distinguished by a golden badge.