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StepOneXP forays into Singapore amidst rapid growth in India

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 StepOneXP Logo

StepOneXP Logo

Experiential marketing and events startup StepOneXP (StepOne) today announced it has expanded its presence into Singapore, building on its established presence in the Indian market, where it has secured significant mandates in various sectors, including HR tech and fintech.

The development comes after the startup organized numerous large-scale events in Singapore for clients based in India.

StepOneXP has established its new office in Singapore, through which it aims to facilitate smoother operations for its existing clients in India who frequently organize events in the Southeast Asian region.

Rajat Khaitan, Founder of StepOneXP, said, "The Singapore base ensures StepOne is well-positioned to serve the entire Asia Pacific (APAC) region and will add to our credibility. With this strategic expansion, we’ll be able to offer cost-effective solutions to our existing clients who are keen on doing events in Southeast Asia, along with taking our incomparable solutions to Singapore and Southeast Asia-based companies.”


StepOneXP specializes in organizing marketing events

Founded in 2020 by Rajat Khaitan, StepOneXP specializes in organizing marketing events and creating immersive experiences for various sectors, including HR tech and fintech.  

The startup also has offices in Indian cities, including Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi NCR. It claims to have delivered 350+ leading-edge events and experiences for 80+ partners across APAC and the Middle East.

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