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Xume partners with Microbiome.in and TruDiagno to help people make gut microbiome-informed choices

ISN Webteam
08 Sep 2023
Akshaye Jalan, Founder & CEO, Xume

Akshaye Jalan, Founder & CEO, Xume

Xume, a startup offering an AI-powered grocery scoring and recommendation platform, has partnered with Microbiome.in and TruDiagno; an innovation-driven diagnostics startup with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and an expanding array of molecular diagnostics tests.


According to the company's statement, The partnership is working together to promote preventive healthcare by providing people with detailed, personalized diagnostic information. The data helps people make informed decisions about their health based on their gut microbiome and other important health indicators. 

Microbiome.in offers unique in-house research tools, and TruDiagno enhances it with its advanced diagnostic technology. The partnership will enable to take preventive healthcare to the next level by turning detailed health data into actionable insights.

The collaboration with Xume's AI-powered recommendation platform will allow users to easily adopt a real-time preventive health approach without having to make unnecessary changes to their lifestyle and food choices, which are often influenced by false claims and misinformation. The initiative will use Xume's extensive database, which includes details on a large number of products, ingredients, recipes, and brands available in the Indian grocery market, the company said.


"We’re all unique, so how can a generic solution mired in restriction be the answer to good health? Imagine the power of understanding our microbiome and diagnostic markers to drive actionable intelligence, where the answer is not giving up our favourite foods but simply making better choices based on what our gut and body are telling us. This is the future of health and wellness and what our partnership with Microbiome.in and TruDiagno endeavours to do." said Akshaye Jalan, Founder & CEO, Xume.

"Trudiagno's commitment to accurate diagnostics aligns perfectly with the goals of Xume and Microbiome.in. Our joint effort will redefine how individuals approach their well-being and bring meaning to a lab report. Together, we'll pave the way for a healthier, happier society." said Sandip Khairnar, Director of TruDiagno.

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