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Zerodha again faces technical glitch; Users call it "No.1 broker in Glitch Association of India"

Vivek Vishwakarma
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zerodha tech glitch

Zerodha Co-founders Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath

Just a week after Groww faced a technical glitch, Zerodha encountered a similar issue early this morning, on January 29, 2024. 

Several Zerodha users took to X to highlight their inability to place and modify orders on their open positions. While attempting to place these orders, Multiple users encountered a message stating "Validation Pending," as reported by multiple users who shared screenshots.

In response, Zerodha apologized and asked its users to create a ticket to address their issues. However, it's worth noting that multiple users reported their problems remained unresolved even after a month.


What caused the issue?

As the platform faced a barrage of complaints, Zerodha responded by stating that a connectivity issue intermittently affected some of its users' ability to place orders on Kite. However, the company later resolved the issue.

The technical glitch with Zerodha is nothing new. In 2023, The Kamath brothers-led company admitted to at least 8 technical glitches with issues varying from those relating to logging in on the Kite app, display of orders and positions, as well as order placements.

Following the rising complaints and disappointments from its users, CEO Nithin Kamath said it is impossible for technology companies to have zero glitches as the business is time-sensitive and caters to a large number of users.

Kamath said that the company has made several architectural changes to minimize the impact of potential issues.

Frustrated users demand compensation

While many users complained and demanded compensation for their losses, a group expressed their anger and frustration through memes.