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SaaS giant Zoho lauches Zoho Billing to offer seamless billing facilities for SMEs

Jaya Vishwakarma
13 Sep 2023
zoho ceo sridhar vembu

Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu

Chennai-based SaaS company Zoho today announced the launch of Zoho Billing, an enhanced version of its existing application, Zoho Subscriptions, which will offer users the agility to try out different pricing strategies and quickly penetrate the market. 


What will Zoho Billing offer?

Zoho said it launched Zoho Billing as businesses have been gravitating towards subscription models, which brought about several challenges such as handling recurring billing and monitoring new metrics.

Now, as business requirements have further evolved, there is a noticeable shift towards a more adaptable and experimental approach to billing. Companies that were previously focused on one-time sales are now exploring tiered subscription plans, while subscription-based businesses are venturing into traditional sales avenues.


This shift calls for a robust billing solution that can adapt to the changing strategies of businesses. Zoho Billing will offer solutions to meet the diverse billing needs of small and medium enterprises, offering a range of new capabilities alongside its existing features.

“Today’s dynamic environment demands businesses to be more experimental and adaptive in their pricing strategies. Unfortunately, SMEs don’t have many choices when it comes to a comprehensive billing solution, and this is where Zoho Billing stands out,” said Sivaramakrishnan Iswaran, Global Head of Zoho Finance and Operations Suite. “Zoho Billing helps businesses to be proactive by offering them complete control of their billing processes, helping them act fast on opportunities, and serving as an important touchpoint for customers, thereby providing them a competitive edge.”

Offering a wide range of billing functionalities for SMEs

The application is equipped with a user-friendly interface with a wide range of billing functionalities, including estimates, retainer invoicing for advance payments, project billing, and expense billing, among others. 

It facilitates consolidated billing, metered billing, and the recording of offline payments and can integrate billing for mobile app subscriptions sold through platforms like Apple's AppStore or Google Play store, ensuring a unified backend across various selling channels.

Moreover, it assists subscription-based businesses in efficiently managing customer subscriptions through features like trial management and customer lifecycle management.

Zoho Billing is also attuned to the tax regulations of 13 specific countries, including India, aiding businesses in adhering to regional tax norms. For businesses situated outside these regions, a global version is available to tailor the tax settings as per local laws.

To assist businesses in making informed decisions, the application offers over 50 reports providing insights into various metrics such as accounts receivable and recurring revenue.

Furthermore, The application can be integrated with the Zoho ecosystem and third-party applications like Slack and Zendesk. It also provides APIs and Webhooks for advanced or custom integration needs, making it a versatile tool in the evolving business landscape.

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