How Stockative is becoming India’s exclusive social networking platform for regular investors and traders

Stockative is a new-age startup that teaches stock trading and investing using social media. The startup is already paving its way to becoming India’s first social media platform dedicated solely to connecting investors and traders together to learn, profit, and have fun.

Stockative is India’s first company of its kind to create an exclusive social media platform for stock traders and financial services (mutual funds, crypto, algo-trading).

The platform promotes interaction, allows for the exchange of ideas, encourages precautionary trading, and generates wealth throughout the process. Stockative is a platform for the most recent industry insights, financial news that is making headlines, and keeping an eye on the market pulse.

It works brilliantly by providing beginner and professional traders with instant access to the complex world of financial markets. Anyone can create a profile at Stockative using their Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn credentials, making the site very user-friendly.

“Stockative allows everyone at our platform to exchange techniques and get inspired by other’s moves. As a member of the larger social trader group at Stockative, anyone can choose to ‘follow’ another well-established trader and see where exactly they are investing” Hari Siva, Founder & CEO at Stockative told in an interaction.

How does it work?

If you don’t know what stocks are and how they work, don’t worry I’ll break it down for you. So what is a stock? Basically, A stock which is also known as equity is a certificate or security that represents a share of a company’s ownership. This entitles the stockholder to a share of the corporation’s assets and profits according to the amount of stock they own. “Shares” are the units of stock.

That means if you own a share of a company, you own a little part of that company and are entitled to the company’s profits and assets. Stocks are bought and sold primarily on stock exchanges, though private sales can occur, and form the foundation of many individual investors’ portfolios.

These transactions must adhere to government regulations designed to protect investors from fraudulent practices. They have historically outperformed most other investments in the long run. Most online stock brokers offer these investments for sale.

Corporations issue (sell) stock to raise funds for their operational processes. Stock is classified into two types: common and preferred.

Stocks are bought and sold primarily on stock exchanges, though private sales are possible, and they form the foundation of nearly every portfolio.

So basically when a person buys a stock of a particular company the amount paid for the stock is used by the company to run its services and in return, the person gets back a portion of the company, that is the person is now one of the million owners of the company.

The shares issued by the corporation are what shareholders actually own, and the corporation owns the assets held by a firm. So, if you own 20% of a company’s shares, you should not say you own one-fifth of the company; instead, you should say you own 100% or one-fifth of the company’s shares. 

Shareholders are not free to do whatever they want with a corporation or its assets. A shareholder cannot walk away with any asset from the corporation because the corporation, not the shareholder, owns it. This is known as separation of ownership and control.

Owning stock gives you the right to vote in shareholder meetings, receive dividends (the company’s profits) when and if they are distributed, and sell your shares to someone else.

If you own a majority of the shares, your voting power increases, allowing you to indirectly control a company’s direction by appointing its board of directors.

Now coming back to Stockative, It’s a new-age startup that uses social media to help people learn about stock trading and investing. It is bridging regular investors with traders and generating a holistic learning experience in the field of trading and investing.

How it came into existence?

Stockative, a Bangalore-based company with headquarters in Kolkata, was launched in December 2020. You may learn from other traders and investors by creating a Stockative profile, which assists both novices and professionals to trade properly and make money. Traders can communicate/chat with one another in their comments and online, analyze each other’s deals, what they are buying/selling, and learn about decision-making processes using StockActive’s interactive features.

When Hariharasudhan Sivalingam and Sourav Saha analyzed India’s social media environment in the summer of 2019, they discussed the urgent need for a specific social media platform for stock traders and brokers.

Many successful stockbrokers and investors have a reputation for keeping their observations and ideas to themselves, which they noted with great interest. Therefore, in India, stock and commodities trading, as well as foreign exchange trading, is still considered to be a province of devoted specialists, and the wealthy Common man in India is yet to be given access to the knowledge and skills required to be a successful trader who wants to take advantage of the potential of creating money by properly investing in share trading and the stock market. 

They became aware of the problem and decided to fix it. This is when they came up with their breakthrough startup ideaStockative after much thinking. This is when they came up with their revolutionary startup ideaStockative after much brainstorming. Investors and traders in India have their own social networking sites.

In addition to learning from the industry leader, StockActive allows its users to have fun while engaging in a deep discussion about what’s going on in the world of stock trading, initial public offerings, and trading. It’s now easier than ever for anyone to create a profile on Stockative, learn the basics, and profit by investing in stocks.

“The biggest issue that slows down the enthusiasm for retail investors is- Trust. Without the know-how, it is difficult for beginners in the world of trading to build wealth. They are left with only two options- learn and do it themselves – a path that takes a long time and is fraught with risk – or hire an advisor who is primarily focused on serving HNI’s,” said Sourav Saha, Co-founder & CEO of Stockative.

“This creates a massive gap between retail investors and an expert who knows a thing or two about making sound financial decisions. This is where Stockative makes a grand entry. Providing a platform for everyone and comprehensively covers the entire value chain of stock trading,” he adds.

Future Growth

Stockative’s future strategy includes the introduction of Premium Rooms. A little fee gets you access to exclusive material, insights, and analysis from some of India’s most prominent business and financial brains. If you sign up for Rooms, you’ll be able to invest and trade more successfully because you’ll be an Influencers who can monetize their knowledge by sharing it with other investors.

Stockative Funding

Stockative is self/friend funded, and the company is currently raising funds through its friends and family network of connections. Future funding alternatives will be discussed with groups of people who are interested in helping Indians learn about stock trading and investing.

Right now Stockative’s main emphasis is developing an investor network and a community of influential people who can discuss successful market stock trading and investing with one another.

The company’s long-term goal is to be the LinkedIn for everyone in India who is interested in the stock market and financial services.

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