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Indian Startups Raised Over $343 Million in Third Week of April 2024

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Indian Startups Raised Over $343 Million in Third Week of April 2024

Last week, the Indian startup ecosystem did not see a notable surge in funding compared to the $165 million raised in the first week. Over the first two weeks, Indian startups collectively raised more than $271 million in funding. 

Interestingly, in the third week alone, the Indian startup ecosystem raised $343.09 million, representing a 26% growth compared to the combined total of the first two weeks.

In the third week, 37 startups from diverse sectors raised funding from domestic as well as foreign investors. These sectors include aerospace, healthcare, cleantech, B2B, gaming, lending, SaaS, D2C, agritech, EV, AI, fintech, FMCG, and manufacturing. 

Unlike merger and acquisition deals, which typically do not disclose financials, these funding rounds give us a peek into the sectors that are witnessing investors' growing interest.


High-value deals

In the FMCG sector, Parsons Nutritionals stands out, having secured $84 million in a growth-stage funding round. Parsons Nutritionals was not alone. In the clean energy and technology arena, GPS Renewables raised $50 million in a debt round, highlighting the sector's critical importance to a sustainable future.

The lending sector also saw significant activity, with startups raising nearly $70 million. Altum Credo led the way by securing $40 million in a Series C round. Following on the list were RING, Vartha Finance, and FincFriends, which raised $11.97 million, $10 million, and $7.8 million, respectively.

Additionally, B2B procurement marketplace ProcMart, aerospace components manufacturer JJG Aero, and deeptech startup Ecozen raised $30 million, $12 million, and $30 million, respectively.

Wow! Momo, the Kolkata-based QSR chain, also raised $8.37 million in an extended Series D funding round. The consulting sector isn't left behind, with Uniqus Consultech securing $10 million in a Series B round.

Notable startups on the rise

Several startups have emerged as noteworthy for their traction with the funding community. In the healthcare sector, Varco Leg Care raised $500,000, while PlanckDOT in the technology sector secured $350,000, both in seed funding rounds.

Startups like Clientell and TragChek, although opting to keep the figures under wraps, have closed seed funding rounds, indicating an influx of early-stage confidence. Ninjacart also made an undisclosed amount of investment in Philippines-based Mayani. 

Other startups that raised seed and pre-seed funding include PineGap.ai, Amwoodo, Lightfury Games, Circle of Games, Former Unacademy COO'a Beyond Odds Technologies, Zepic, Sapience Automata, Includ, and Spintly.

What’s more interesting about these startups is that they come from distinct sectors such as gaming, recruitment, AI, SaaS, D2C, and manufacturing. They all collectively raised $29.8 million in funding.

Merger and acquisition highlights

The period also featured strategic mergers and acquisitions. Notably, Cipla Health's acquisition of Lia Beauté's business, along with Aurionpro Solutions' $16.5 million investment in acquiring Arya.ai, sets a significant precedent for market movements aiming at growth through amalgamation. 

VerSe Innovation, the parent company of popular news aggregator Dailyhunt and short-video platform Josh, also acquired the New York-based digital magazine store Magzter at an undisclosed sum.

Debt Financing as a strategic choice

Debt financing emerged as a preferred instrument for several startups, allowing them to leverage their assets and bet on future growth without diluting ownership. Startups like FincFriends, RING, Ecozen, GPS Renewables, and Husk Power Systems (cleantech) received debt funding.


Overall, the third week saw a significant surge in funding for the Indian startup ecosystem, with $343.09 million raised, a 26% increase over the previous two weeks' total. 

The increase in investment spanned a diverse range of sectors, including aerospace, healthcare, cleantech, and many more, indicating a broadening interest among investors. High-value deals in the FMCG, clean energy, and lending sectors underscore the growing strategic importance of these areas.

Moreover, the rise in seed and pre-seed investments across various innovative sectors highlights the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and investor confidence in the potential for future growth. Additionally, strategic mergers and acquisitions, along with a preference towards debt financing, suggest a dynamic market environment where companies are seeking growth through various financial strategies.