How StartupEd is Teaching Entrepreneurs the Art of Starting Up

Ninety percent of Indian startups fail during the first five years. Almost all of the reasons why Indian businesses fail early are related to innovation and leadership: inadequate business models, bad planning, erroneous customer insights, or a lack of unique ideas, focus, agility, and tech capacity, in addition to leadership shortages.

Almost 80% of venture capitalists believe Indian companies lack original business strategies since the bulk just copy successful concepts from elsewhere without incorporating unique local insights.

Have you always wondered how people build and launch their startup ventures? Are you interested in learning the art of starting up but don’t know where to start and how to go forward with your super cool idea that according to you has a lot of potential?

StartupEd is a startup that teaches people how to startup. StartupEd operates as a startup school and incubator that prepares and empowers students to launch their businesses.

Origin and Purpose of StartupEd:

It is a global entrepreneurship launchpad that prepares and empowers budding entrepreneurs. The organization’s goal is to democratize access to Incubation services while also creating an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Purdue University, Ankit Buti was introduced to Entrepreneurship. From a young age, the computer science major aspired to be an Entrepreneur. Ankit established excellent business relationships and he went on to establish StartupEdTM in 2015.

A tech entrepreneurship school and startup incubator that provides tools and services to help student entrepreneurs make progress toward their enterprises while lowering startup failure rates.

StartupEd Team

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Mission and Vision:

The startup’s mission is to educate, empower, and equip entrepreneurs with the tools and technology needed for venture assistance.

Its objective is to create global interconnection in the startup ecosystem to speed collaboration and service disbursement for startup ecosystem players.

What does it offer?

The organization’s goal is to democratize access to Incubation services while also creating an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. StartupEdTM claims to be successfully transitioned from a service firm to a SaaS-based product company right at the start of the pandemic.

Today, StartupEdTM – Incubation CloudTM is a platform that enables every member of the startup ecosystem to grow and build at a network scale by leveraging the power of its cutting-edge proprietary cloud technology.

So what is the Incubation CloudTM, through its approach, NETWORK-LEARN-BUILD, is an innovation of Ankit himself. Incubation CloudTM intends to revolutionize startup building and Incubation service payments.

As a result, StartupEdTM – Incubation CloudTM, a marketplace NETWORK for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to LEARN and UNLOCK SUPPORT to BUILD their business through smart apps enabling joint venture development housed on the platform, was born.

The startup focuses on helping out startups in their nascent stages with everything from Fundraising & Deal Flow Management, Business Modelling and Planning, Co-founder Matching to Assistance in building Go-To-Market Playbook. And Connecting with a strong network of mentors to improve the client experience and gain a competitive advantage.

It helps with everything that is required to launch your startup. Assisting in the success of Innovation With the solution offerings, one can build a better, quicker, and stronger foundation.

Additionally, Through its Incubator portfolio, it also provides direct support to early-stage businesses. In recent months, the company has launched various Incubation programs for startups focused on Marketplaces, Networks, PropertyTech, EdTech, and FinTech, with a particular emphasis on initiatives utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

Events organized and Accomplishments:

The company plans to host events such as Hackathons, Podcasts, Webinars, and Business Competitions to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship by using its enormous network of Startup Mentors, Coaches, Incubators, Startups, and Founders. StartupEdTM, as an Incubation Partner, has always delivered on the promise of a remarkable experience for both participants and partner institutions.

Here are some of the events that were hosted by StartupEd:

  1. Karobaar’ 2020, in collaboration with IIT Kanpur’s Department of Industrial and Management Engineering. The event brought 1200+ teams from all around the country working on 100+ business ideas.
  2. ‘Techstars Startup Weekend’ powered by Google for Startups, organised by Delhi Technological University’s Entrepreneurship Cell.
  3. ‘Abhyuday,’ an ongoing Business Plan Competition hosted on Incubation CloudTM in collaboration with IIT Bombay for aspiring entrepreneurs in India.

Future Plans:

To continue its immersive growth, StartupEd plans on Using AI on top of its business modeling tools to assist entrepreneurs in improving their business plans while working on its incubation platform and assisting companies in raising funds more efficiently.

Apart from this, the startup is also significantly investing in Web3.0, where they are developing and collaborating with teams to provide on-chain solutions to assist founders in packaging and monetizing their ideas as Non Fungible Tokens.

Team StartupEdTM is constantly aiming to exceed market expectations and bring out the best in its audience.

“Startup incubators come in various shapes and sizes in different ecosystems around the world. Specifically for India, we need more incubators to support non-tech startups as the ideas and business development processes per domain are very unique. The country needs to invest in developing specialized incubators to help startups working in agriculture, solving civil problems, etc.”

Ankit Buti, Founder of StartupEd.

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