Ritu Singh

I am a 24-year-old -yoga practitioner, dancer and adding to my artistic conscious- I write as well. Through my blogs and art, I aspire to start my own holistic business in India that would be a blend of my art- yoga, travel, and dance and spreads across the masses of the country digitally.
10 articles

Wikipedia Co-Founder Creates New Social Network WT SOCIAL

“ Wiki search: WT SOCIAL” Wikipedia Social media platform = WT Social In the age of where communication through social media at its peak, Wikipedia...

India Startup Scheme So Far

  “Entrepreneurship culture will transform the landscape of India. It will imbibe ownership in the young minds towards a better world. It will foster leaders...

Shantanu Naidu : The Man Behind Motopaws

Motopaws: When a “Pause” saves many “Paws” Our daily lives are quite fast-paced. Amidst this pace, there has been a lot of things which have...

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